Monday 23 December 2013

Season's Greetings

May I take this oppportunity to wish all of you a Happy Christmas and a brilliant New Year. Thank you all for reading my blog and making it worthwhile. Lets hope 2014 has lots to keep us interested and it wouldn't surprise me if the bus scene in East Anglia this time next year is a lot different to how it is now. Have a good one everyone.

I would just like to say a particular Happy Christmas to First at Great Yarmouth. For his constant enthusiasm, interest and his blog, First have given Cameron of Yarmouth Bus Page a nationwide pass for the year. I personally think this is a really kind thing to do and full marks to the management at great yarmouth. I am normally quick to criticise First but this gesture touched me and I know Cameron thinks all his Christmases have turned up at once.


  1. I do yes haha, also its a FEC pass so i can go anywhere a FEC bus goes :)

  2. Its not nationwide Steve! Eastern Counties wide :)