Tuesday 31 December 2013

B9 on 101's????

Nipped into Lowestoft today on shopping duties (if you can nip 20 miles) and well worth it it was too. Having popped in the bank I was crossing the road from the bus station, glanced to my left and did a double take Rowan Atkinson would have been proud of. There, on the 101's was B9 Gemini 37657. I managed to get a quick snap of it just as it was leaving but can anyone tell me how often a decker is seen on that route? First one I've seen.

A rare sight indeed - B9 Gemini 37567 AU58 ECF on the 101 to Gunton Estate
Whilst in Lowestoft I also saw Norse's Enviro 300 on the 107 for the first time - quite a contrast from the 29 seater Darts formally on that route - the E300 is high density seating - 5 across so must seat at least 70 I would guess. And glory be just after snapping that in came 33423 on an X1. I wonder if that bus will ever end up back at Yarmouth!

Suffolk Norse E300 SN56 AYL on Lowestoft town route 107
X1 reserve 33423  SN60 CAA pulls in to Lowestoft bus Station
 Finally, I also managed to do some enthusiast spotting and standing by me when the above pic was taken was Zac Nelson of Norwich Bus Page. Pleasure to meet you at last, Zac and hope we'll have longer to chew the cud next time.

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  1. Today was only the third time I've seen a decker on the route. Here are the other two: