Wednesday 11 December 2013

Round Up and a Rant

Not a lot to report so far this week, despite being out the last two days. Yesterday I went to Ipswich in a fruitless attempt to spot and photo 32655. I was lucky enough to bump into Clive Nixon from Ipswich Bus Blog who told me she was at the depot but to be honest I just couldn't be bothered! I want an action shot so to speak! So other than spotting an unusual working by Ipswich Buses Optare Excel 173 on the X3, which is usually a branded smaller Dart not much going on there.

Ipswich Buses Otare Excel 173 YG52 DGF unusually working the X3
Today I ventured to Lowestoft to replace the woolly hat I left on 69007 yesterday - that's 3 so far this winter. Lowestoft has cheap woolly hats!  Anyway a pleasant journey on Anglian gas bus 100 - although if anyone from Anglian is reading this when in the name of all that's Holy is the rattling nearside window going to be fixed? Pointless having a quiet engine if the windows make a row and that one has been for some months now. Although I didn't get a chance to take a pic 100 has also had a new front put on after someone kindly reversed into it recently. It looks strange minus the decoration and fleet number so if anyone gets a chance to take a pic of it that will be good.

Not a lot to report from Lowestoft except the successful acquisition of a new hat, so I decided to go back to Halesworth the long way round via Southwold. If you believe that you'll believe anything as I just got the times wrong and missed the 61 that becomes the 62 at Kessingland. Very embarrassing for an enthusiast. However on the way back from Southwold on Scania Omni 553 I did get the chance to take a couple of pretty nice sunset shots. Not buses but taken from a bus therefore qualifies as relevant!!

This time last week Blythburgh was bracing itself for floods. Now back to its serene and artistic self
Sunset over Halesworth taken from Anglian Omni decker 553
Now for my rant. Over the last couple of days I have noticed an increasing amount of passengers, normally women in 50's and 60's who sit on the outside seat, put their bags on the inside seat and refuse point blank to move them so other people can sit down. I have had to watch much older passengers go a lot further down the bus than they should just because these selfish people, who in most cases haven't paid for one seat let alone two can't be bothered to make room!! Let's hear what gets on your goat about bus travel - after all any enthusiast will admit it's not perfect.

Finally check out Roy's East Norfolk Bus Blog. He has got some interesting news regarding some new deckers for Great Yarmouth and pics of the Rail Replacement buses serving Lowestoft which is still suffering from flood aftermaths. Link opposite (ish)


  1. There's always bags on seats. All the time I have to ask people to move them. Its getting ridiculous now as most are reluctant, and like you say have a free bus pass!

  2. I hate people who play loud and terrible music using their phones...

  3. I want a loud phone so i can play my classical music over their God awful rap!!!