Friday 3 June 2016

First BorderBus Gemini Arrives

I am grateful to Andrew Pursey at Borderbus for alerting me to the news that he picked up today the first of two ex Arriva London Gemini bodied Volvo B7tl's VLW113 LJ03MJU It is intended the Gemini will operate the same diagram as the Metrodecker will be next week (0915 from Southwold etc). However due to vinyls needing applying and pre-service checks the Gemini is unlikely to be out in service until June 13th. My thanks to Andrew for the news, and the pic which remains his copyright.

The new resident at Borderbus Volvo B7tl LJ03MJU     pic (c) Andrew Pursey
Here she is in her London days

VLW 113 in her Essex days.  pic (c) RM1422

You may also notice there is a new addition to the links in the side bar. I met Steven Carty on Railcam, and it soon transpired that Steven, like myself has been suffering from acute depression. However, unlike me, Steven has not been suffering in silence and has blogged about his fight with this very difficult illness. He is a rail enthusiast par excellence, not to mention a really nice bloke. If you know anyone struggling with depression, or have suffered yourself I implore you to read Steven's blog. It gives a rare and valuable insight into how depression can affect thoughts and decisions, and I can only commend Steven for his honesty and openness. Not sure I could do the same. Thanks, Steven for letting me publicise your blog, and I'm proud to know you buddy.

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