Wednesday 12 July 2017

3 Scanas Arrive At Borderbus

I have known for sometime that Borderbus were getting 3 ex Stagecoach London Scania Omni Citi deckers for their Beccles operation. I have known for an equally long tie that they were hoping to get 3 of them to help with Latitude duties this weekend. What nobody really knew was if the 3 permanent Scanias would also be the 3 Scanias used on Latitude. Today the trio arrived at Beccles, bizarrely displaying destinations for the 521. I popped up to the depot to find out what was going on.

The 3 new arrivals at Borderbus Towers
The 3 in question are LX59 CNC/E/J, formerly Stagecoach 15138/9/41. I can confirm they are the 3 purchased by Borderbus to replace the 3 Volvo B7tl Geminis. After latitude they will go, one at a time for conversion to one door and painting. The seats will be introduced to foam padding, 6 extra seats fitted downstairs but the top deck will remain the same, the cost of adding a row of seats rather expensive for what it would achieve. So the extensive legroom will stay.

LX59 CNE/J, with one showing a destination never to be seen again!
One of the Geminis has already departed. 210 LF52 ZPC has gone to Scania for resale. 209 will follow after the first conversion has returned, with 208 remaining until the last Scania has been converted, although it will revert to its original registration, with BB03 BUS being used elsewhere.

The rear of the two
I must say te destination and number screens look good, although they will certainly look very different in Borde4bus colours.

My thanks to Andrew and Dave for putting up with me in what I know is a very busy week for them, and I look forward to the first one coming back. In the meantime I'll be sampling one of them on Latitude's Southwold shuttle on Friday.


  1. Why are they getting rid of the geminis?

    1. Fuel economy first and foremost, plus 3 speed gearboxes not really suitable for rural work.

  2. Beestons Bus Changes

    They are cancelling the service 5 & 91C, The 236 timetable changes and the 91 has the timtable and route changed so it may be that will diverted to cover the service 5 route

    Chambers will presumblybe cutting the 89X route as they have not registered to extend it beyond July so the cuts to bus services continue

  3. Now have confirmation that the Beestons Service 5 is Withdrawn as is the 91C. THe main Ipswich service is reduced from every Hour to every hour and a half. This can only lead to a further decline in use particularly s the service is unreliable

    Sanders are also making cuts to services

    It is not looking good for the future of bus services in the East