Wednesday 7 June 2017

Ipswich Area Changes

First have announced changes to their services in Ipswich coinciding with the launch of the new Park & Ride. As details are on their website I hope I'm not breaking any confidences by publishing my own details, which I've known for some time now. These changes to come into effect 2nd July

I have good news for you if you live in Wickham Market, Little Glenham, Saxmundham and especially Easton and Campsea Ashe. I have not so good news if you live in Eyke, Rendlesham, Tunstall and Snape.

First the good news. The 64 between Ipswich and Aldeburgh is returning to its former hourly frequency, thus doubling the service for the good folk of Wickham Market, Little Glenham and Saxmundham. Better still if you live in Leiston and Aldeburgh the timetable I devised making realistic connections with the trains at Saxmundham has been implemented, leaving time for both bus and train to be a little delayed. I hope this will prove to be of great benefit to residents of those areas. Sadly the same can't be said at Woodbridge, but the difference between train and bus running times preclude that. The one downside is the last bus from Ipswich to Aldeburgh will leave at 1750, and not the current 1815. Also the 64 will revert to its former route in Woodbridge via Bredfield Road, which will add a little time to the journey. It will also operate via Tesco Martlesham off peak.

Now the not so good news. Due to very low patronage on the section of route between Rendlesham and Leiston the 65 is reduced to 3 journeys a day - one inbound during morning peak leaving Aldeburh at 0645 and two return journeys evening peak leaving Ipswich at 1720 and 1820 but these journeys only running as far as Leiston. This means that folks in Eyke and Rendlesham will lose their link to the coast, and those in Tunstall and Snape most of their buses altogether. However not is all lost.

It was reported that the PF Travel operated 62 between Framlingham and Woodbridge was being scrapped, Well it has won a reprieve. The route has been extended to start at Snape, and will run via Tunstall, Campsea Ashe, Parham, Framlingham, Easton. then Wickham Market and Woodbridge, thus giving Campsea Ashe and Easton their first regular bus service in donkeys years. It also, as pleaded for in a post a couple of weeks ago gives a bus link from Framlingham and Wickham Market to Wickham Market station in Campsea Ashe (have to call it Wickham Market or I get abused!).Ok it doesn't actually connect with any trains, is of know use for Campsea Ashe market on a Monday, and it is only one a day, well except Wednesdays, but it is a start, something to build on. Something is always better than nothing.

As for Rendlesham and Eyke, they will soon be part of Ipswich Park & Ride, as one P&R service an hour is being extended from Martlesham to Woodbridge, Melton, Eye and Rendlesham, effectively doubling Rendlesham's service to Ipswich. The 800 will run fast Melton to Woodbridge as the 64/65 do now. I will be posting more on this once I have checked a few of the ticketing details out, as it could be quite complicated with differing conditions applying depending where you board and where you're going to, so bear with me on that one.

There are other minor changes in the Ipswich area. The X7 express service between Ipswich and Felixstowe is becoming peak only, and the 77 will operate via Felixstowe seafront.

The 60'61 will be re-timed to leave Tower Ramparts every 10 minutes at 00, 10, 20 etc past the hour, and evening buses on the 66 will be timed to connect at Ipswich Station with trains from London.

Overall these are positive changes but I also feel there is scope there for more. I'm really pleased to see my suggested timings at Saxmundham implemented, I just hope they prove useful.

I'll clarify the P&R position when I get the details.


  1. Apologies but it's 'Eyke' not 'Eye'. Most people will know where you mean though. Interesting post, let us see where things go from here.

  2. Ooh Steve, feel like an intruder on your patch and not my sort of semantics, but isn't it Eyke, rather than Eye which gives it a totally different meaning altogether! (I know, it was today's deliberate mistake!) Though Eye, I think has just recovered its link to (another part of) the coast, though just for the summer! I still think the hypocrites at the Maltings, preaching sustainability whilst not practising it in any meaningful way, should be stepping up to the plate, and putting their money where their mouths are. Someone (the Councils if they had any backbone) should make them. They want more car parks, for heavens sake. Lots of opposition. Time to look for an alternative? Not, I suppose, from ex-BBC execs ever insulated from the rest of the world in their glass bubble!!! Now if they were a shopping centre . . . oops, they are.

    1. Thanks guys - now those are the ways to point out errors! I was battling with new eye drops while writing that post so must have been something subliminal there!

      Another blue moon riseth because I agree wholeheartedly with you, Smurf! A dedicated bus link between Maltings and Melton station promoted by both Maltings and Greater Anglia would be far better than any new car park. I might sound them out on that.

  3. Hello Steve:

    I wanted to put this comment on your latest post, but for some reason it wouldn’t work. Could you add it please?

    Re. P&R ticketing. I now live in Cardiff. The X59 P&R service runs every 15 minutes but alternate journeys are extended as a normal service bus past my house. A special fare applies between the P&R site and town, and concessionary passes aren't valid for these journeys. However ordinary fares are charged for the rest of the route, which actually means it's cheaper (or free!) if you travel further. I wonder if something similar will apply to the 800?

    Cheers, Andrew Kleissner.

    1. I'm pretty sure that's the case, Andrew, but want to confirm it with First before publishing.

  4. The latest rumour with the ongoing farce over Sudbury bus station is Sudbury will not have a bus station at all. If it happens it is another retrograde step for bus services and there is a raft of evidence that when bus stations go bus usage falls. We will have to wait and see if it happens but I am inclined to think it will as SCCand the local council have no interest at all in bus services