Friday 1 September 2017

Plaxton Interdeck At Freestones

Many thanks to the anonymous contact who alerted me to the news Freestones Coaches have a Volvo B11R Plaxton Elite Interdeck in Megabus livery. With the new Megabus timetable coming into force next week, which sees the two early morning journeys merged into one, it is easy to assume the Interdeck has been brought in for that journey. On Monday while Tornado chasing I popped round to their Norwich yard on the off chance, and as luck would have it was allowed in to take a couple of photos.

YY65 VWU at Freestones Norwich depot
Still carrying Stagecoach fleet number 55021 YY65 VWU was gleaming rather too much in the strong sun, but still managed to look pretty majestic.

The other side!
Now the sharp eyed among you will have noticed something which believe it or not I didn't until Tim pointed it out (I was preoccupied with Tornado is my excuse and I'm sticking to it) in that this coach is left hand drive. That got me wondering how loading/unloading at Norwich and Stratford would be handled so I rang Freestones up to inquire.

They put the phone down on me. I rang back to confirm they had put the phone down on me or we had been cut off and the gentleman confirmed he had put the phone down on me, mumbled something about it being a loan vehicle and put the phone down on me. Not very good, Freestones, and I'm sure Megabus won't like one of their representatives actig in such a rude and unprofessional manner either.

So I'm sorry I don't have any additional details. If any of you would like to try Freestones for yourselves their phone number is 01362 860236. Good luck!

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