Monday 11 December 2017

Borderbus Fleet Update

Thanks to my contacts at Borderbus I can reveal that a 4th ex Stagecoach London Scania Omni City decker has been purchased. This one is LX59 CLV and joins the 3 already there, which have been registered BB57/58 and now 59 BUS. BB59 BUS has been transferred from the E200 which held the registration, which has now been given BB03 BUS, formerly held by one of the B7tl Gemins.

I understand LX59 CLV will receive the registration BB56 BUS.

Pics to follow in next day or two.


As promised here are pictures taken early this morning by Chief Engineer Dave Marshall of the two buses with their new identities. Bernice do you have a name for them? Cheers, Dave, for taking the time on a snowy morning. You may recognise the driver preparing BB59 - none other than Robin, who won the STEVE Award for Driver of the Year when at Anglian a few years ago!

Ex BB59 now BB03        pic (c) Dave Marshall
Formerly LX59 CNE now BB59 BUS       pic (c) Dave Marshall


  1. LX59CLV (Clive) will be BB06BUS

    1. Oops, my mistake but worth it just to find out you've named it Clive! :)) Prieeless!