Friday 18 July 2014

Friday Trivia

Just a couple of things that have caught my eye today, and I now have an excuse to go down to Kent before Summer's over and see my parents. Not that I need a reason to see them, but I now have one. Thanks to an old friend and Twitter I can reveal that the Medway's Big Purple Open Top Bus Tour is in operation again this year. Now what is so remarkable with that you ask - it's only a purple ALX400 after all. Well I'll tell you! In this case it's not the bus but where it goes and in particular who is the voice on the tour. The bus takes in Rochester Cathedral  and Chatham Dockyard and the tour is voiced by no less than Brian Blessed. I can just imagine that booming voice re-enacting battles from the past and relating stories of press ganging and revolting peasants I mean peasants revolting! I'm laughing already at the thought!

Arriva 8001 Dennia Trident ALX400 V304KGW on the Medway Tour at Rochester Cathedral Pic Medway Matters
Secondly today I have discovered a rather addictive website that I'm sure most of the rail enthusiasts know about but I didn't till last night. I keep breaking off from writing this post to watch the railway at Dawlish (sea crashing nicely over the wall) to watch the trains go past on the live camera there. Even has sound of the sea on this hot day. You can access this and other cameras around the country (not many in our region) by clicking here. You will have to register which will take a few hours to be processed but well worth it! Now how about a live cam at Norwich Bus Station or Tower Ramparts!

Finally today thanks to Bakerbus and Twitter I can bring you a pic of the most ideal way to use a bus in this heat. I assume it used to be a bus and not a rail carriage but you will all want to get inside it today anyway. Here's to some decent lightning tonight!

Just needs a bar and it would be perfect!


  1. I like the dawlish cam good for lulling you off to sleep at night lol plus realtime trains and a diagram.....oh do I sound a bit funny now lol

  2. LOL were you watching the lightning on it last night too? Saw GWR's "short set" this morning on that cam too - either a 47 or 57 tugging 4 coaches! I've forced myself to turn it off for the day now!!

  3. Have you tried all the cams yet ? Yes the Medway tour if only for the purple bus !

  4. Yes I have, some good ones but a lot are silent. The Dawlish one for me is the best. Mind you I love that place anyway.