Monday 7 July 2014

Sometimes It All Works

As a prequel to my posts on my trip to Scotland last week, I thought you might be interested in my entire itinary for the 4 days. It's an example of when public transport works it's pretty darn good. I haven't included any spontaneous journeys in Edinburgh, or cross London but just about everything else from when I left till when I got home, including punctuality and type of vehicle.

1st July

0949   Darsham - Ipswich          Greater Anglia   Class 170 (3 car)               On Time
1108   Ipswich - London            Greater Anglia   90006 + Set                       8 mins late
1423   Victoria - Lingfield          Southern            Class 377 (8 car)               On Time
1527   Lingfield - E Grinstead    Metrobus           AD E200                           On Time 
1752   E. Grinstead - Lingfield   Metrobus          Scania Omnidekka             On Time
1814   Lingfield - Victoria          Southern          Class 377 (12 car)              On Time
2130  Victoria - Edinburgh         Megabus         Volvo B11R Plaxton Elite   On Time

2nd July

No scheduled journeys

3rd July

0633  Edinburgh - Perth                      Scotrail             Class 170 (3 car)                 On Time
0810  Perth - Inverness                       Scotrail             Class 170 (3 car)                  On Time
1058  Inverness - Kyle of Lochalsh    Scotrail             Class 158                             On Time
1607  Kyleakin - Kyle of Lochalsh     Stagecoach       Volvo B10M Paragon          On Time
1714  Kyle of Lochalsh - Inverness    Scotrail             Class 158                             On Time
2015  Inverness - Stirling                    Scotrail             Class 170 (3 car)                 On Time
2317  Stirling - Edinburgh                   Scotrail             Class 170 (3 car)                 On Time

4th July

1530  Edinburgh - Kings Cross           East Coast          91125 + Set                         On Time
2100  Liverpool St - Ipswich               Greater Anglia   90015 + Set                         On Time
2217  Ipswich - Darsham                     Greater Anglia   Class 156                             8 mins late

I would love to know the total mileage covered over the 4 days - any takers? But I think you will agree that is a pretty impressive record, and is it any surprise the only delays were on GA? I don't really blame GA as the huge majority of their probs are caused by circumstances beyond their control, as is backed up by tody's huge fine for Network Rail.

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