Saturday 26 July 2014

Oxford in London

Back in the early 80's, when I was a regular passenger on Invictaway, using my beloved Explorer ticket to get here there and everywhere there was a right royal battle up and down the M40 from Oxford to London. The NBC Oxford 190 was up against Oxford Tube and I sampled both. Fast forward 30 plus years and not a lot has changed. There is still a battle for the Oxford passengers so while en route to and from Edinburgh this week I took the opportunity of getting some pics, and top of my wanted list were the amazing new Van Hool coaches that have just entered service with Oxford Tube. I wasn't disappointed and a friendly driver even let me have a look round one and take a couple of interior shots. The roofs are amazing upstairs, although I'm not sure how good it will be if the sun is shining straight down on you. Snow would look great though!

Two giant Oxford Tube coaches and a tourist in Buckingham Palace Rd
The very, very light and airy top deck of the new Oxford Tube Van Hools. A Borismaster passes on the 11
Having said that the opposition haven't exactly got heaps either. Oxford Bus operate a fleet of Volvo B11R Plaxton Elite Interdeck coaches, similar to those operated by Megabus. Have to say the people of Oxford are spoiled for choice!

Oxford Bus 63 Volvo B11R PLaxton Elite Interdeck in Buckingham Palace Rd
Just one thing - I had two journeys on one of Megabus's Interdecks this week for a total of £14, and I went a lot, lot further than London - Oxford which would cost me £13 day return even with my pass. So I think I should appreciate that by posting the best pic I have of one of Magabus's examples - I can tell you it's 54204 which I should have had but didn't in the end due to delays elsewhere (I had 54209 out and 54205 back). Unfortunately it's one of those pics someone just has to get in the way of but I don't have a better one. Incidentally those monsters have 71 seats upstairs and 3 behind the driver.

No she didn't get squashed although it would have been justice for getting in the way!


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