Tuesday 15 July 2014

Ipswich Immigrants

Tomorrow I'm going to have another of my comparison posts - this time comparing Ipwich Buses refurbished Darts on the 4 with First's refurbished B7rle's - don't miss it!

However there was a lot more to see in Ipswich today, and we start with the Norwich infllux. Well publicised yesterday was the appearance of ex Everywhere Gemini 37562 and ex Yarmouth Paragon 20515 at Ipswich Station on mystery Rail Replacement work. Well a mystery no longer. Having spoken to a driver I can reveal that they will be there on general standby from 0600 till very late for the next 5 WEEKS!! I can only assume Greater Anglia are taking no chances with the forecast hot weather, or the way the network fell apart last week mainly due to Notwork Rail's incompetence. No idea if those two vehicles will remain, but they are crewed by Ipswich drivers and I presume stored at Ipswich overnight.

Gemini 37562 and Paragon 20515 at Ipswich Station not doing much at all
I really am going to have to tot up the different locations I have photographed 37562! Also seen today for the first time in Ipswich was ex Norwich B7rle 69011, which will soon be joined by sister 69006 (and others) to complete the batch at Ipswich. It seems I was lucky to catch her as she is off for refurbishment on Thursday, when ALX400 32479 is due back in her Post Office red Eastern Counties livery

Ex Norwich 69011 (it is trust me) outside PALS in Ipswich
I must apologise for the quality of the pics in this post - I have no idea what my camera was doing but certainly not taking good pics. I'm due an upgrade and it can't come quick enough!

Anyway here is a taster for tomorrow when I'll be comparing the refurbishments on Ipswich Buses and First, having travelled on examples of both today. I can also show you my own pics of the new First livery for Ipswich, on which more tomorrow.

A new interior (and better pic) but on what?
66981 at Tower Ramparts today


  1. Steve have you checked to see if the lens is clean,you may have a fingerprint or two,or even a bit of your ice cream whilst you are hanging around,lol...

  2. Lost count how many times I cleaned it, Jim, as I knew they weren't coming out that good. Will switch to old phone to take pics until upgrade received.

  3. Hi Steve, JohnDBus here again. I am hoping to head to Ipswich at some point soon. I am hoping to spot the ex Lowestoft buses as well down there. Great blog posts lately, I have enjoyed them.

  4. Cheers John - let me know when you're heading down and if I'm not oop north I'll try and meet you for a chinwag. If you are down before the schools break up next Wednesday one of the ex Lowestoft ALX400's regularly operates the 1120 65 to Aldeburgh.