Tuesday 16 September 2014

Quick Ipswich Update

Just quickie as there was no update in my round up on Sunday.

The last Ipswich 05 reg Volvo B7rle has left for Rotherham. 69010 left this morning and it was expected the last E200 to return, 44516 would arive back tonight. Expected on Thursday to return is ex Norwich 66957 which might make the second entry for Showbus together with VA479. 32486, which has been at Rotherham for sometime won't be back just yet as there is a shortage of leather at Rotherham due to supplier probs. Next week the first ex Park & Ride B7rle should be going to Rotherham. As yet there are still some more transfers to come in from Colchester and Norwich but at the moment it is unclear if they are coming via Ipswich or going straight to Rotherham

More Brle's have had the Ipswich vinyls applied, and some have had some First vinyls applied too. the one to look out for is 66950 which is the first to have the full set, but 69007/9/11 have also got varying degrees of application. I managed to catch 69011 in Old Cattle Market this afternoon and managed to get a broadside shot to demonstrate.

69011 at Old Cattle Market displaying the new vinyls
A side view of 69011
As a footnote I would like everyone to join me in giving best wishes to Chris Speed. The poor chap has been unwell recently but I know he is still determined to make it to Showbus. Hope you make it, buddy.

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