Sunday 7 September 2014

Weekly News Round Up 7/9/14

First of all apologies for the lack of posts this week. I had a life for once!! Actually I don't mean that but I did have company down here all the way from Scotland and so my time was dedicated to that, although that didn't stop me dragging her on a gas bus (very impressed, more with the driver than the bus it has to be said) or keeping up to date with what's been going on so here goes.


Returning to Ipswich this week were B7tl 32490 and B7rle 66987. No pics yet but hopefully later this week when I get down there. Ex Colchester 66985 has now gone to Rotherham. Scania 65630 has gone to Colchester, and B7rle's 69532/3 have also gone to Essex as reported last week, although 69532 was seen on a Chelmsford route Friday so not quite sure where they have ended up.

The X1 is still full of surprises. Last week it was Olympians, although after chatting to a VIP today at the East Anglia Transport Museum Gala I will be staggered if we ever see another Olympian on the X1 again. This week I was in the right place at the right time to see former X1 Gemini 37572. Having just transferred to Lowestoft from Yarmouth she was back on a Yarmouth route, although as I now understand it there ARE some Lowestoft workings on the route as some of the E400's are based there. Anyway as Lowie Geminis aren't booked to work the route it was still worth noting.

Ex Yarmouth Volvo B9 Gemini 37571 back on the X1 on Friday
Speaking of Ex Yarmouth deckers I saw another one yesterday in Wickham Market - this time Volvo B7tl ALX400 30888. Although still technically on loan to Ipswich it is unusual to see her on anything else but the 66, so it must have made a change for her to have a jaunt out in the country. Bring your own seat cushions though!

30888 posing at Wickham Market on the 64 to Saxmundham
Last week it was reported that 5 Olympians were coming down from Bolton to supplement the Bernard Matthews Contract fleet. I got all excited over that. Well apparently that may not be happening as no one knows about it where it matters - ie management! Watch this space and if I hear anything else I'll let you know. Also I need to make a correction and apology. A couple of weeks ago I was adamant that ex Lowestoft SLF Dart 43489 was going to Braintree and rubbished suggestions it was going to Clacton. I'm delighted to tell you I was completely wrong and it went to Clacton, so my apologies to those I doubted. Still think it will end up at Braintree though.........


Very little to report this week. Anglian's Rackheath depot closed and the route 53 transferred to Konect, with what we were led to believe were all the Optare Versas too. However two of them appear to have remained, AU11 EPE/F and have been seen on the 87 this week. One of them was doing the P&R at the Transport museum this afternoon with First's iconic 33423 the other. Incidentally I didn't think the poll regarding the repaint of 33423 would be nearly as close as it was, so clearly a 3 line whip went out at First getting people to vote! That's my theory and I'm sticking to it!

Borderbus have announced a new 146 timetable from November. No details have been confirmed but the clever money is on new afternoon journeys currently missing on schooldays as the route has been more successful than expected. That can only be good positive news for the local bus industry as a whole and shows that an original route, albeit covering parts of existing routes, can be more successful than just carbon copying competitor's routes.

Greater Anglia have been victims of yet another horrendous week for Network Rail, although even NR can't be blamed for suicides and bus decapitations. More on that tomorrow.

Blog News

It is a big week on SB&TP so keep checking in. Tomorrow will have the weekly Greater Anglian report, Tuesday the report from the Gala day I attended today at EATM, and Wednesday I have an audience with the boss of one of the region's top operators. All will be revealed on Wednesday but I have a feeling it's going to be a good one.

Wot More Eastern Counties?

Typical isn't it! You wait ages for a bus to be painted into Eastern Counties Post Office red and then two come along in a month. A few weeks ago you'll remember I got all excited about a Leyland National that appeared outside my window having her bottom cleaned at Whincops yard. She looked like this..........

LS274 having seen better days
Today at EATM I didn't recognise her until her owner recognised me and pointed out what I was looking at! What a transformation! She looks amazing, and it is all the work of a couple of blokes who like buses, and to be honest you can't tell the difference between that and the paint job VA479 got at Rotherham. LS274 is hopefully going to ShowBus - mechanical issues permitting, and it would be great to see it together with VA479. Respect guys, you can be really proud of yourselves. Sorry the pic isn't as top quality as it should be. Hope my camera hasn;t given up afetr 3 weeks!

Just Wow! What a transformation to LS274.

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