Friday 17 October 2014

Norfolk Green Special (Almost)

For the second time in less than a fortnight I ventured off to Kings Lynn today to try and photograph one of the refurbished ALX400 Tridents that have recent;y entered service with Norfolk Green. Despite the best efforts of Norfolk Green's Twitter people who told me what one of them should have been on it turned out that it wasn't! However, I did get some decent shots of other vehicles, including two of the on loan Olympians, and as a bonus a pic of an X1 E400 looking as you've never seen one before!

First up we have on loan Volvo Olympian 16787 WVT 618 in South West Trains livery, making it rather special in my humble opinion. It certainly looked pretty good sitting in the October sunshine at Kings Lynn Bus Station

South West Trains  Volvo Olympian 16787
Now a couple of weeks ago I claimed to have posted on Twitter a pic of an Optare Tempo sporting the new NG livery. Many people have told me I was wrong, and indeed still are, but this next pic I am confident about. Here is Dennis Dart 34701 in definitely positively undoubtedly the new NG Stagecoach livery!

Norfolk Green Dennis Dart 34701
Another Olympian currently on loan to NG is 16226. I remember travelling on Olympians like this regularly down in Kent, and quite honestly loved them. Nice to see them still going strong, if not for too much longer.

Stagecoach Volvo Olympian 16226

Despite not being the greatest fan of the E400 - what you hadn't realised - I have to admit they are pretty photogenic, and I have always thought that Norfolk Green's E400's are some of the better looking ones. Here is 10055 looking quite nice in the sun with an Olympian reflection insert.

Norfolk Green 10055 reflecting the Olympian quite nicely!
While waiting for the elusive Trident to not turn up I saw X1 E400 33812 pull out of the Bus Sataion heading for Norwich. It took my aging brain a few seconds to realise the entire rear of the vehicle has been repainted and as yet no vinyls have been applied, meaning for the first time you can see the lower deck rear window. I think it looks better ths way if I'm honest. Anyway I didn't get a pic so after a moment of inspiration caught the one behind, switched to an 8 at Dereham, and got off halfway along Norwich Rd to try and catch 33812 going the other way. Stood not far from some traffic lights hoping it would have to slow down and to say the plans worked is an understatement. It didn't slow down but had to stop and I had all the time in the world to get this if I say it myself rather good pic. Doubt she will look like this for too long.

33812 minus any rear vinyls or ads in Norwich Rd today. I really like it like that.
Finally a quick pointer to next week. The blog is a year old on Tuesday and to celebrate I have lined up three top names in the bus world who have agreed to interviews next week. Keep checking in for more details but suffice it to say it's going to be good!


  1. Wonder what your fav make of bus is I know you are not a fan of the E400 but the E400 is my favourite.

    1. Current favourites are MAN Ecocity Gas Bus, Borismaster and Volvo B11R Plaxton Elite coaches. All time favourites are the Leyland Atlantean, Bristol VR and probably above all else the Metropolitan Scania. Years ahead of their time.