Sunday 5 October 2014

Weekly News Round Up 5/10/14

Welcome to October, which so far has proved extremely uneventful, and until yesterday I had absolutely no idea what was going in this round up. However thanks to a few people and a couple of lucky sightings I actually have a post so here goes.


Returning from Rotherham this week were Volvo B7tl 32492 and B7rle 66985 - pics later this week when I get to Ipswich. Going the other way for treatment are P&R B7rle 69427 and the first of the ex Norwich and Lowestoft 05 red B7tl's 32655, which as it was already in Corporate livery surprises me no end as there are still plenty, including 32653 in Barbie livery that I would have thought would have gone up first.

32653 sitting in the Aldeburgh sun earlier in the year

The new Streetlites for Norwich and Yarmouth due at the end of September have been delayed till November. No official reason has been given for the delay but my suspicion is that it is solely so us poor enthusiasts, rather than getting the first pics of them in warm, late Summer sunshine have to now stand around Yarmouth in the freezing cold in November.

UPDATE: I have been contacted by Chris Speed who has told me that, in fact, both the tinted windows and unique seats on 33423 are remaining after repaint. This rather backs up what I was saying yesterday about having to decide what to publish or not as numerous people had previously told me (including other bloggers) that they were being removed. That is good news and I can think of one person in particular on the South Coast who will be especially pleased! Thanks. Chris for getting in touch.


Very little to report except Scania Omnidekka 552 is still running around with no destination display, and former Optare Versa 306,  now with Konect but still in Anglian livery, has been loaned back to Anglian after a Streetlite was involved in a RTA earlier this week. Although the word from Konect is the Versa is to cover the 87 to Poringland this news has apparently to reach Anglian as on both Friday and Saturday 306 was seen operating to 83/84 to Harleston!


Yesterday I was chewing the cud with Sam Larke from Norwich Buses when he suddenly jumped and asked if that was a Borderbus E200 with 146 branding. Now I could just say that his eyes are a lot younger and better than mine (not difficult in either case) but the truth is I just wasn't looking in the right place. I promised to try and find one on Tuesday and send him the pics to use as he had spotted it and I hadn't. However, it seems that despite the fact Sam was dressed for July and it was October and chucking it down ("to check the weather forecast would be too normal") he hung around to see if the next 146 was branded, took the pics and has sent them to me with the instruction to use them in this round up. Sam you are a star, and I'll try to get a couple of the others on Tuesday for you.

Borderbus BB09 BUS now with 146 branding.    pic (c) Sam Larke
A closer view of the branding    pic (c) Sam Larke

I am indebted to David Green from Galloway who has informed me that another DAF MCV Evolution has joined the fleet. Purchased from Reays Coaches of Wigton, Cumbria YJ60 GDO hasn't yet entered service and is still in all white livery. Meanwhile Plaxton bodied Dart R925 RAU has been withdrawn.

Galloway's new purchase DAF MCV Evolution YJ60 GDO in her Reays days,    pic by CumbrianJosh reproduced under CCL

Finally this week while with Sam yesterday I managed to get a pic of ex Anglian Optare Tempo 414 in her Konect livery. Actually Sam had to point it out like I was a thick 6yo what it was before the penny dropped. So here are the before and after pics.

Konect 414 still wearing Anglian colours in Watton earlier this year
And now in Konect colours. Apologies - my temporary camera doesn't like moving images!
That's it for this week. Look out for an X1 Anniversary Special tomorrow and other riveting posts during the week. Take care all.