Thursday 9 October 2014

WiFi Comparison in Norwich And A Rant

After yesterday's WiFi experiment in Ipswich I decided to repeat the experiment in Norwich today, comparing X1 and Konect's 8, which also boasts free WiFi. I knew that the X1 vehicles were a bit hit and miss after Saturday's experiences but needed a bigger sample to get the whole picture. My test was simple - could I log into a vehicle's WiFi and update twitter in a minute or less. If I could it was a pass, if not a fail. Results were mixed to say the least. Out of 15 X1 vehicles tested 9 passed and 6 failed. Out of the 5 Konect Express vehicles 3 passed and 2 failed. The full results were as follows.

X1 Pass: 33423, 33804/15/16/17/19/20/21, 37577
X1 Fail:  33805/14/18/22/23/24

Konect Pass: 604/6/8
Konect Fail:  605/7

So in percentage terms it was a tie, but let's face it a 60% success rate for something that is so boldly advertised on the vehicles is hardly anything to put the bunting out for. So my question is this - as the WiFi isn't actually under the control of the companies, but Moovbox, is there anyone at the operating companies whose job it is to check the WiFi on each vehicle is working and report it to Moovbox if not, and if so how long does it take Moovbox to get it fixed? I know management read this blog so some answers would be good, as I'm sure you all would like a 100% success rate just as much as the passengers.

Konectbus 606 which passed with flying colours at Norwich Bus Staaion

Now the rant. I don't know how many of you know Norwich Bus Station well but there used to be a very useful railway style departures screen opposite the National Express/Megabus stand. Very simple, very easy to understand - time, route, destination, stand. Please note I used the past tense as this is how it looks now.


Now the more observant amongst you will notice that where the screen used to be there is now framed fresh air, and a pink box has appeared below it. This pink box does qute a few things, but unfortunately it doesn't tell you where the next bus to Halesworth is going from and when. To do that you have to press lots of touch screen buttons and go to the Traveline website. I decided to test this renowned system out and asked it to find me the next bus to Hopton, which for those of you not familiar with the East Coast is between Lowestoft and Yarmouth on the A12.

Now there are two direct buses from Norwich to Hopton - the X1 and Anglian's 7. 6 buses an hour. Not according to Traveline who suggested I caught the train to Brundall then get a pre-booked community bus to Hopton. Classic eh! So my question is this:


If it turns out to be my best freind you are STILL a spanner. Did you seriously think the average passenger wants to fartarse around pressing fancy touch screens then using an incomprehensible keyboard to navigate to a site that can't tell them the basic information they want? One at a time? How is that an improvement on what was there? Unbelievable. Simply unbelievable. Get the departures screen back. NOW!!!!

Darn it I need cheering up - I know what will do it.......

Before the tropical cloudburst in Yarmouth today. Ain't she sweet!
Quick bit of news - First Yarmouth Volvo Gemini 37573 was involved in a pretty nasty RTA yesterday involving a suspected drink driver. Luckily no one was badly hurt, but damage to the vehicle was substantial and although repairable I understand she will be off the road for some time. 

Finally today, just to please Kieran from Norwich Buses here is one of Easton's rather impressive Bova Magic coaches that was doing a Private Hire from Norwich Free School, by the Bus Station today. A18 AWE was new to Diamond originally WA08 AOX and was used at London 2012 in a special livery. Thanks to Kieran for the info - my pic though!

Easton's Bova Magic A18 AWE


  1. Hi Steve, Gemini involved in RTA was 37573

    1. Rule one: Never trust the staff to get it right!!! Cheers, buddy will amend.

  2. The last time I was at the Bus station was May nice to see a pic of 33423 in the sun and a pic of an Konect E400 at the Bus station.