Sunday 26 October 2014

Weekly News Round Up 26/10/14

I had an extra hour to do this post last night, which was useful as it's been one helluva week. Three top interviews, which meant actually putting a shirt and tie on - the amount of people who didn't recognise me was just hilarious! Anyway I haven't been neglecting other duties except I didn't get to Ipswich this week. I will be early next week as the last few days have gone crazy with transfers and it's been hard to keep up, so I'll start the round up with what's gone on there.


As far as I'm aware the only return from Rotherham this week was Volvo B7tl 32655 which arrived last night. That's the easy bit. I don't know if anything else went away but Volvo B7rle 66979 arrived from Essex and promptly carried on straight up to Rotherham. Also arriving from Essex this week were Volvo B7rle's 66977/8/82/3/4. Presumably 66980 will be arriving at some point as well as 69006 from Norwich eventually. Going the other way were bum numbing Scanias 65672/3/4, Scania 65589 has gone there on loan, and 65670/5 will be going soon. Now obviously for taking all those B7rle's from them and giving them all the Scanias there had to be a price to pay and that price is 4 of the ex P&R Volvo's. Joining 69421/30 which have been at Colchester for sometime will be 69429/31/2/3. A shame, but having ridden on 66978 yesterday I think Ipswich have got the better deal. Just keep those E200's far away from me on the 53! I can also reveal that Ipswich will be using the new ticket machines from today, following Kings Lynn who are already using them. Just make sure the tickets have food vouchers on the back - they come in very useful!!

New arrival 66978 KX05 MHE at Wickham Market yesterday. Btw the destination display WAS working, my camera didn't capture it.
Now at Norwich and a red letter week it has been. Well purple letter actually - no I won't start all that again but just as there was much excitement when the first Ipswich repaint arrived and entered service - anyone remember what it was - nope me neither though 66981 rings a bell - there was equal if not more excitement when Plaxton President Trident 33163 started her new polished life in earnest this week. I was in Norwich Friday lunchtime and not only got my own pics at last of her but also had a ride on her, which only proved that the interiors and ride quality are exactly the same as before. So it looks good from the outside. Although.........

I swear it's not my camera making that panel behind the emergency door look dirty.

Here she is showing her better side in Anglia Square.Note the poppy in the top deck windscreen


Scania Omnicity 462, the only remaining 03 registered example has returned from Scania after having structural work completed and is back in service. Another Streetlite has got a defective destination screen, making the running total 3 vehicles with no screens and one with an incomplete screen.


As promised last week here is the latest from Galloway, with thanks to David  Green for the continued updates. The latest MCV Evolution to enter service has been given fleet number 337. unfortunately I don't have the reg but David tells me it is still in all white. Dart 188 has been sold but is still in service. It has also lost the reg 1440 PP and reverted to its original reg of R558 UOT. Ex Ipswich Solo 333 now carries the 1440 PP registration.

The Dart has been sold to the same company that took all the Beavers. Joining it for spares will be long withdrawn ex Anglian Beaver 3577 PP. Gaining that cherished registration is Wright Cadet 227 AY05KVF. Finally Daf Ikarus coach 207 5611 PP has been withdrawn which marks the end of the former London coaches at Galloway.

Galloway 188 before withdrawal,   Pic by Ian reproduced under CCL
And Finally

One of my hidden talents is I'm a part time (extremely), freelance organist, doing the odd wedding and funeral. I had a wedding today back in my old stamping ground of Wickham Market - hence the aforementioned trip on 66978 - and I was surprised to see all the guests for the service trooping in some 45 mins early. The Groom explained that they had all come by bus, which had to turn round and go to pick the bride up. Intrigued I went outside to see what they had travelled in, and this is what I saw. Lesson of the day: ALWAYS have your camera on you!

One of the First Yarmouth Routemasters on wedding duty at Wickham Market yesterday
I hope you have all enjoyed the Anniversary Special posts this week featuring interviews with three top managers from the region. If you haven't you'll find the links somewhere to the right of this post. Tomorrow, to conclude the first anniversary week of SB&TP I'll do a review of those interviews, and the first year of publication, featuring some of my favourite pics and experiences over the last year. Check in tomorrow for that.


  1. Hi sorry about. Mix up l did not make it clear but ex ipswich solo was not sold but got the number plate of one of the withdrawn. Buses other news is there is a mercedes. Benz tourismo. 3 axle. 53 seater on order for next year

  2. Hi David again fleet number 333 1440pp is the. Ex ipswich. Solo not sold. sorry. For mixup

    1. Thanks, David - have altered post to reflect that.

  3. White evo was on Frams on Thursday.I rode home on it.not bad at all.believe its YJ60 GDO.Excellent posts this wk.really good stuff. :-)

    1. Thanks, Trevor. Hoping to be on the 1715 from Ipswich tomorrow if you're around. Will let you know for definite tomorrow via Twitter.

    2. Not about tomorrow ( working nr Colchester) but maybe see you about sometime soon? I'm one of these souls who don't drive so I'm at the mercy of public transport...

    3. Welcome to my world, except i am at the mercy of pre booked transport too! So hoping Ethel doesn't need her hair done tomorrow! Yes would be good to meet up for a chinwag. The only thing with the 118/9 is I don't have a phone signal for most of the journey so normally go via Wickham Market because although a longer journey I can at least stay connected with the world!

    4. Ditto I'm with EE but seems to be the best for where I am. Will sort something in the not too distant future.