Sunday 17 August 2014

Weekly News Round Up 17/8/14

Hello everyone, it may feel like March again but we are only just over halfway through the Summer holidays! A lot of people are away but life goes on so here is what's been happening this week.


In Ipswich things are taking on a decidedly grey green look now with more and more vehicles sporting the new livery. This week saw the return of ex Norwich Volvo B7rle 69011 and ex Clacton AD E200 44517. That makes 3 of the E400's back and out in service, mainly on the 53, with 44516 still at Clacton. Arriving back this week is ALX400 32490 which should look interesting with a grey green front. Away currently are B7rle's 69007/59 and B7tl's 32486/7, which means at last we have seen the end of that faded rear ad for UEA on 32486.

E200 44517 YX09 ACY outside Revolution on first day back in service.
 In other First news there have been a couple of odd sightings in Yarmouth. Ipswich bound Norwich Volvo B7rle 66957 was seen working on the 8's. I understand it had just been MOT'd at Yarmouth so was usefully on hand to stand in for a stricken 32629. On loan to Yarmouth is Lowestoft SLF Dart 43481, which must have made their day when it turned up! It is not unusual to see a Lowestoft B9 Gemini on the X1 (presume no WiFi) and I'm sure it's only a matter of time before we see an Olympian on the X1. Jamie reported yesterday that 34109 was on the 1A to Lowestoft which isn't odd but still worth reporting. Incidentally I have been wising up on the pending DDA rules and we could still have well over two years of Olympian use left as the new DDA rules do not apply to double deckers until 1st January 2017. I am also led to believe there may be an arrival somewhere on Tuesday to have a few camera shutters clicking but that is all I'm allowed to say as unfortunately the moment I post something others go racing to management for clarification and I'm just not going to let that happen anymore.

Norwich Volvo B7rle 66957 working Yarmouth route 8 at JPH.   Pic Cameron Robinson Yarmouth Bus Page

Another two ex Menzies Scania bendibuses have arrived at Hadleigh Rd - YN53 GHD/O.  Mystery still surrounds their future as an ad has appeared on Ebay apparently showing their sale for spares. However it doesn't say if that applies to all 11 coming and I'm awaiting clarification on that. Watch this space. You can view the Ebay ad by clicking here.

The two new arrivals at Beestons, Scania bendibuses YN53 GHD/O
Norwich Bus Rally

Next Sunday - 24th August sees Norwich Bus Rally which once again is taking place at Old Buckenham. Syd Eade has been in touch to tell me a shuttle service from Attleborough is operating and Syd is using his own ex Lowestoft Leyland PD2, PBJ 2F. Syd has kindly supplied the timetable for the connecting services next week and a publicity photo. I am hoping to attend the rally on 33243, as I have been kindly invited to travel on it. I'm just sweating on getting transport to Caister Rd next Sunday to take advantage of the offer! Thanks to Syd for all the info.

Timetable and publicity photo for Norwich Bus rally next week (24th Aug)
Coming Up

I am off to London on Wednesday to see the General Manager of Victoria Coach Station for an intervuew and tour. There will be a special post on that. Plus I will be travelling down to Kent by bus (routes 53, 96, 701 and 151 for those interested) and then Thursday travelling back up by bus including the 100 from Lakeside to Chelmsford and my first chance to go on First's Volvo 7700 hybrids on that route. Pics and reports to come.

Some of you will have seen or heard Greater Anglia's attempt at an apology for the abysmal service over the last few months on Friday. Same apology, different name, different year. So I am going to publish a weekly report logging what brown stuff has hit what fan day by day. The first one will be tomorrow and I just hope I have nothing to put in the log on Wednesday!

I'll finish this week with a photo Syd Eade sent me of Coach Services rather impressive Volvo B9tl. I am aiming to get on this bus at some point, and now my dog sitting duties have finished I'll be getting out a bit more again. Sys has beat me to this one, however, and he says;

I seem to remember you saying you were going for a run on Coach
Services new B9, well I may have beaten you as I got a ride a couple
of weeks ago....a very high speed run from Bury St Edmunds to Thetford
it was too, but a very comfortable bus to travel on

Nice one Syd,and you have made me even more determined to get on it now.

Coach Services Volvo B9tl CS63 BUS at Thetford. Pic by Syd Eade
That's all, folks. Keep checking in for the midweek posts and another round up next week.


  1. Oh dear Steve E400'S you mean E 200'S dreaming of 33423 again?

  2. E400's on the 53 would be a very interesting prospect, and wouldn't help Greater Anglia's week in the slightest. Thanks for pointing it out though.

  3. Good luck on the Victoria trip mate another one I wish i could tag along did find this on the tube and must assume it's not like this anymore ?

  4. Mate if you triple the amount of passengers on that video you just about have it. Nothing else has changed. Megabus have really expanded in the three years since that was taken and it's the second terminal that is the one I used - which is also where all the European destinations go from. He unfortunately chose a very quiet day to take that video which is a shame, as it really gives a false picture of the amount of passengers that use VCS and the space available for them. Never knew there was a Burger King in the other termnal though - mental note to self for next time.......