Tuesday 12 August 2014

Eastern Counties Olympian Special

Some months ago when we all thought the Yarmouth Ollies had seen their last days I put out an appeal for pictures for a series of commemorative Olympian specials. Thankfully that proved rather premature as 5 of them are still alive and in regular service. However, with the emergence of VA479 in Ipswich last week I had the idea to show a few of the different pics I received of  Ollies in that striking EC livery and the subsequent variant. I was inundated with pics from some very generous people and it's a good opportunity to show some.

First of all, from the maestro that is Syd Eade we have Leyland Olympian DD1 F101 AVG. Seen in Long Rd, Lowestoft this was its first run out in service

Olympian DD1 F101 AVG           photo (c) Syd Eade
Next, also taken by Syd, we have Olympian OL22 J622 BVG. This photo was taken in Thetford in July 1994 when bus routes were bus routes with no EEC interference!

OL22 J622 BVG at Thetford.          Pic (c) Syd Eade
The next picture is rather special. DD3 F103 AVG is shown looking rather smart albeit with double vision (2 Eyes) but the handsome bloke at the wheel is none other than Syd Eade himself. Richard Alger took the pic but I'm not sure when it was taken. Can't have been 1932 as I first thought as the bus wasn't built till 1988/9!!

DD3 F103 AVG with some bloke called Syd driving!     pic (c) Rchard Alger
After First took over Eastern Counties there were some variants on the livery. Here is 34862 C372 CAS outside BHS in Yarmouth on the way to Belton. Many thanks to David Oakley for this one.

Lookng a bit jaded 34862 C372 CAS       pic (c) David Oakley
And finally here is 34933 G133 ATW at Ipswich,also taken by David Oakley. Looking smarter than the above 34862 I still think the Eastern Counties livery as worn by VA479 looks better.

Ollie 34933 G133 ATW leaves OCM in Ipswich        pic (c) David Oakley
Hope you enjoyed that trip down memory lane, and I'll think up some more specials soon.

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