Thursday 7 August 2014

Beestons Addendum

Dave from Beestons has been in touch as promised with details of two more ex Menzies Scania Bendibuses that arrived at Hadliegh Road today. YN03 WRU/V have joined the 4 already there and Dave has supplied pics of one of them.

New arrival Scania bendibus YN03 WRV. Pic from Beestons
And from the rear. Can;t wait to see these reversing out of OCM!
Dave has also posted on twitter a pic of this spectacular Volvo B12 Jonkheere that has just been repainted at Beestons. Thanks for the update, Dave.

Volvo B12 Jonkheere NSV 372 after repaint at Beestons. Pic by Beestons

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