Friday 8 August 2014

Misc Ipswich Obs

While I was in Ipswich on Wednesday getting shots of VA479 and visiting Beestons I also got a few other pics which I thought I'd share as they involve a pretty good mix of vehicles. We start in Saxmundham with a gleaming, well, some of it is 69009

69009 in the Saxmundham sun
It was dry, hot and sunny in Ipswich when I got there and it wasn't long before I heard just about the best sound in Ipswich these days, the dulcet tones of a Leyland Atlantean engine. Is there a more eye catching and sweeter sounding open topper in the country? I drove IB Atlanteans in London for Boro'line in the late 80's/early 90's and everytime I see IB9 the memories come flooding back.

A well patronised IB9 outside Revolution (was PALS) in Ipswich
Another IB vehicle that doesn't often get a School Holiday outing is IB10. On Wednesday it was on the 202 to Shotley, and proved rather difficult to fit in the frame - strategic positioning of the number plate was required.

IB 10 Trident PO51 UMK at OCM on the 202 to Shotley
While at Ipswich Station I was lucky enough to time it just as Galloways National Express branded Levante came in to pick up with First Hampshire Irizar 23312 in the background. You can't plan these photo ops - they just happen!

Galloways Nat Ex Levante FJ61 EVT loads up with stand by Rail Coach First 23312 in background
Earlier in the day, while on route to Beestons I had caught sight of VA479 for the first time while on a Beestons Scania Omnidekka. So here is another pic of the most photographed bus of the week!

VA479 heads for the town centre while IB Tiident LG02 FDC heads for Thorrington Park
And finally what I think is just about my favourite coach in the region. Farelines' vintage 1989 Volvo B10M has an almost intimidatory presence in the same way a Class 37 loco does. I travelled on her a couple of years ago and she gives a lovely ride. Yes - still a Setright ticket machine which gives the whole coach a real retro feeling. Long may she remain in service and I hope when the time comes someone preserves her. Worth noting is the roller blind - only 34186 at Yarmouth still has one of those!

Fareline's really endearing and impressive Volvo B10M Jonckheere F94 CBD at OCM
That's all folks, have a good weekend and I'll be back with the news round up on Sunday.

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