Monday 25 August 2014

Greater Anglia Delays This Week 25/8/14

I owe an apology to all customers of Greater Anglia. I should have started this feature in May. Then you would all have had a much better Summer's travelling. I had the feeling the moment I started this things would dramatically improve on the rail network and so it has proved. There have been very few incidents of note this week compared to previous weeks, with only the odd cancellation and problem to report.

  • On Thursday the 0624 Nor - Lon and 1810 Lon - Nor were cancelled due to fault on the train
  • On Saturday there were probs with the Yarmouth drags due to points probs at Yarmouth and delays coming out of London mid evening due to a person hit by a train at Gidea Park
Apart from a few short formed trains and minor delays due to freight congestion that's about it, so well done GA, and let's hope for another good week this week


  1. Bearing in mind the problems that any sort of fault cause on the Great Eastern Main Line causes, isn't there a case for the Cambridge-Norwich line to electrified?

    It would at least give GA more flexibility and provide a diversion route.

    1. In theory yes there is a case but in practice probably not. For example last night it would havebeen easy to divert most of the ECML trains from Peterborough via Ely and Cambridge, but the simple fact is ECML drivers don't klnow that route and the drivers that do aren't qualified to drive the ECML stock. The same would apply to Cam - Nor. Yes the option to divert trains would be there but there simply wouldn't be enough drivers and/or Conductors (who have to know the route almost as much as divers) with the route and traction knowledge to make it viable.

  2. Certainly not I'd think at the moment, with the problems of Great Northern/Thameslink. With the increased capacity and connections coming in the next decade for those London connections and the Varsity Route proposals to link with Oxford, might things change? Or not; I suspect that East Anglia ends at Cambridge, with a branch into Kings Lynn. Greater Anglia suffers because it doesn't go anywhere. It's a place you get out of, via Crossrail perhaps.