Saturday 30 August 2014

Guest Post - Eastbourne Special

Today I'm pleased to bring you a very special guest post from Lou Phillips, who is without doubt my number one follower on Twitter. Lou is 16, and is one of a very rare breed as I seriously don't know any other enthusiasts of the fairer sex! I've been nagging Lou to help me with an Eastbourne Special for sometime now, and today she obliged  by sending me a few pics. Lou stayed in Lowestoft last week at her Nan's and got her first taste of a MAN Ecocity Gas Bus. Thankfully my insistence that she travel on one paid off as she loves them - well who wouldn't!

So here are Lou's pics -all of which were taken in Eastbourne town centre. Many thanks Lou for sending the pics, and keep on snapping. Now you need to nag to be taken to ShowBus!

A Stagecoach E200 on the 54 in front of a Brighton & Hove Scania
Nice view of  Eastbourne town centre with an E200 in front of an E400 and I think another E200 in the background

A cracking shot of a Stagecoach E400 on the 51 to Heathfield
A Stagecoach ALX400  showing what looks like "loop" on the front!
Lou's own pic of an Anglian Gas Bus. Glad you had at least one sunny day.Lou!
Once again thanks to Lou for taking the trouble to send me in the pics, which of course remain her copyright.


  1. Thank you for doing the blog on buses in Eastbourne.

  2. You're welcome Lou - always a pleasure to hear and see you enjoying your hobby :)