Wednesday 27 August 2014

A Day for Golden Oldies

Today has been a day where the more senior buses were in the fore. It started with Jamie Skinner waking me up by tweeting that 34114 had appeared on the X1 this morning. I knew it would happen at some point and Jamie kindly atoned for waking me from my slumber by sending a pic, again on Twitter.

34114 at Norwich Bus Station having arrived on the X1
 So I set out, initially to go to Lowestoft to see one of the new class 68's which was making an appearance. However, I decided to go via Norwich, a decision that was vindicated when former Konect Trident 722 turned up on the 88. A pretty decent ride it gave too.

Anglian 722, still in Konect livery in Halesworth today
While enjoying the ride I was contacted by Cameron Robinson from Yarmouth Bus Page to tell me that another Olympian was on the X1, and had just left Yarmouth en route for Norwich. I worked out I would beat it to Norwich and got set for what might prove to be quite a rare pic. Thanks for the heads up Cameron.

Yarmouth Olympian 34111 enters Norwich Bus Station
I wasn't going to take a pic of it showing X1 Great Yarmouth as we have plenty of them, but thankfully while waiting for my X2 to Lowestoft I checked the front just in case and to my surprise it was showing X1 Lowestoft, which neither the E400's or Geminis do, due to the daft rules governing domestic route lengths, so this one really IS a rarity. It wasn't unique though as I saw 34111 later on in Yarmouth on her next trip from Norwich and the same destination was showing.

34111 showing Lowestoft being passed by a Sanders Scania Omnicity
I never did get to see the Class 68 at Lowestoft, as the X2's were running so late I got there after it had gone, but did get to have a quick chat with all round nice guy Tim Miller, who has promised me a couple of pics and a video which I'll put up at the weekend. Good to see you Tim. So I carried on to Yarmouth on E400 33823 which seemed quieter than last time I got on it, and had a row with an old guy who took exception to me telling him the windows were locked and he couldn't open them despite his efforts. So much for helping someone! Anyway it was a decent ride (some bloke called Des was driving) but I changed onto a 61 at JPH to gain time and avoid having to go round Gorleston - some strange people live there!!! After a quick bite to eat I boarded the 81 to Bungay (horrible blue seated Scania Omnilink that kills backsides) and back to Halesworth on another Trident, this time Angian's own 712 - the only one of that batch still on the road following the recent withdrawal of 715.

I'm back out tomorrow and will report accordingly, while trying to fit in the second part of my Trip to Kent series before the buses I went on become museum pieces!

Anglian 712 retirning to the depot after dropping me off in Halesworth
Oh and finally another odd destination display seen in Norwich was this on a late running X2 arrival. I have no idea who Ali and Paul are but I hope they have a very happy married life together! Btw whoever programmed it missed the apostrophe that should be in Paul's!

37564 showing an original destination display!


  1. Brilliant! I'll say one thing: we've certainly cornered the market in the jumble sale end of the bus market. Nothing the English enjoy more than a rumble in the jumble for a few jems, hey! The bus reliquary. Every business needs a unique selling point, they say. No wonder though the investment community scratch their heads at First Group's unique investment proposition.

  2. Stick your finger under the lock and you can push it either direction to unlock windows.... I hate AC......