Friday 6 March 2015

Yarmouth Obs And Transient 32064

Had booked to go to Yarmouth today, hoping that ALX400 32061 would have returned. That's not going to be till next week with 32064 coming back down for MOT, then going back up next week. However it has already had its vinyls removed and new destination displays fitted. I luckily spotted her while passing through on a 61 and had enough time to nip out and get the pics.
32064 in transient state showing off new destination display
And from the rear
Earlier on I had pleasant journey to Caister and back on golden Ollie 34186. The sun did its best to spoil the pics but gor a decent one in the end..
34186 in Matram Drive 
There are a couple of Anglian buses running around with no nearside company names - both gas bus 101 and Scania omnicity decker 553 were noted.
The nearside of Scania 553
And the nearside of gas bus 101, both without Anglian vinyls.
The only other interesting spot was Norwich Blue Line Gemini 36168 on the 1A this evening. Unfortunately my camera didn't catch the destination displays in the pic.

Norwich Gemini 36168 on the 1A in Southtown Rd Yarmouth 


  1. Fame at last! That is me on the top deck of the Anglian bus (553). ;) Hope you're well. :)

    1. Well I'll be blowed. I got off that bus, having been on it since Halesworth, and the handsome chap with me was none other than Tim Miller, well known all round good guy and Twitter contributor (had to say that as he bought lunch!). Hope to bump into you in person knowing who you are next time so we can have a natter, and also hope you survived the hard seats and Grahame's driving!