Monday 23 March 2015

BorderBus Repaint Special

The report on yesterday's excellent Vintage Running Day at Norwich will just have to wait as while I was ironically travelling on BorderBus's BB62 Bus into Norwich to write the Running Day post I received an email from Dave Marshall at BorderBus with the promised pictures of the repaint process involving their latest E200 to join the fleet, MX12 DYU.

Not only are there before and after pics but also during pics, thanks to Carcom in Beccles. I hope this once and for all blows the myth apart about BorderBus using vinyls and not paint.

The latest Carcom customer enters the workshops
The blue has been applied

And now the yellow - paint not vinyls!!

All complete at ready to come out into the sunshine....
...And my word doesn't she look good!

From the rear.

All that's left to do now is apply the company vinyls and she is set to go. Oh of course Dave you have the rattles to sort out as well! I'll have my rattleometer with me to check!

As I was about to post this Dave sent another pic of the vinyls being applied.

BorderBus have also let it be known that Border Biscuits will be given out on the first day of their new timetable next Monday 29th March. I was already going to be out and about in various locations getting pics but free biscuits? That seals it! My thanks to Dave Marshall and Carcom for the use of the pics - it's great to get pictures taken during the process as well. Copyright remains with them, and I look forward to seeing MX12 - if she is still MX12 of course as BorderBus are being rather coy about if she's to become BB12 - back out on the road.


  1. Monday 30th!! And as I'm in charge of dishing out biscuits that day there's no chance of you having any extras :-\ Nicky.

    1. I was just testing to see if you read the post!! No extras? It will be just as easy to take pics of 61's or X2's :D