Thursday 13 February 2014

The Many Faces Of 33423

Yet again a stroke of luck this afternoon. I was at Market Gates when 33423 came in from Norwich. I was surprised to see it change the destination to show 1 Martham. A minute later it returned to X1 Yarmouth. I enquired if it was going to be the 1600 to Norwich, which it was and I had a natter with the driver about the E400's in general "they nearly all rattle now"  and it turned out a photographer was going to take a publicity shot of her when she got on the right stand.  An opportunity not to be missed and so I joined in the photoshoot. It turned out that the destination computer had been re-programmed today and so the driver kindly put some of the more unlikely destinations we will see on it. Enjoy and remember they are for display purposes only!!

This destination is quite likely in the future
Dream on kids!!
I wonder if that will ever happen, and is there a "fast" service?
A genuine destination - loading up at Norwich for the extended run to JPH

Finally I was asked to take an interior pic by a certain co-blogger, and actually that was a pretty good idea as not many will have seen the unusual interior of this bus. She goes well too, and even the rattles are tolerable. She also passed the text test, ie I was able to text on my phone quite comfortably, unlike while on 33820 earlier.

Upper deck of 33423. Unusual colours to say the least


  1. Hi Steve, great photos! However 33423 has been used several times on the 881 already! Here she is before reprogramming outside East Norfolk 6th Form, and here before repainting with a clearer destination number on paper: