Monday 24 February 2014

Short Set In The Sun

After shivering under my duvet over the weekend I was sufficiently recovered enough to go to Lowestoft to catch the "short set" to Norwich on its regular 1057 departure. After suffering the indignation of a Solo instead of a gas bus (102 suffered a broken windscreen due to bird strike this morning) I got to Lowestoft Station just in time to see 47810 lead the short set in, with freshly painted 47818 bringing up the rear. Apparently known as "Emily" 47818 replaced the unreliable 47813 last week. It is rumoured that the 47's are soon to be replaced by 37's and tonight 3 Mk II coaches are arriving at Norwich behind 47853 specifically for the "short set".

The journey was great, the soundtrack awesome, and some of the pics I got I'm really pleased with. I'll try and get pics of the new coaches later in the week. Many more of today's pics on my Flickr page when I update it tomorrow

47810 brings the short set into Lowestoft
Newly painted 47818 heads the short set back to Norwich. 170272 in the distance
47818 with short set approaching Reedham Bridge
Oh what a sight! Smoke pours from 47818 as she powers away
Gleaming in the Norwich sun


  1. Steve,the guy in your first photograph,looks like MR 47 from Ipswich,he travels where ever there is a 47 hauled set.

  2. Just as well he doesn't have far to go then as I know of no other examples in regular public service in the country right now. Shame he's looking in the wrong direction too lol! I've heard no reports of them being out today - might be swapping the coaches over - so looks like I chose the right day :)

  3. I believe they weren't out today as they are having coaches swapped. 47818 and 47810 will haul coaches 17159, 6000 and 6008 until class 37s arrive. (Found out via ang-gen)

  4. Yup that was my source too, Harry. Hoping to be out Thursday to catch them. If you want to use any of the pics on here or on Flickr on your blog feel free, buddy :)