Sunday 23 February 2014

Borismaster Bonanza

On my way down to Kent on Tuesday I stopped in London with the intention to ride and photograpgh Borismasters on every route they operate on. I came very close to achieving it. Right now Borismasters operate on routes 9, 11, 24, 148 and 390. There are a few floating around on the 38 but that route is still predominantly operated by other vehicles.

So I ended up catching the 11 from Liverpool St - Victoria, the 24 from Victoria - Pimlico and back, the 148 from Victoria - Elephant and Castle from where I went to Waterloo on the 172 (a very rattly E400) to do the electric bus back to Victoria. I then caught the 38 (not a Borismaster) to Green Park where I caught the 9 to Trafalgar Square.

That just left the 390, which doesn't go through Central London, running from Notting Hill Gate - Archway. So on Thursday, while taking an extended "cross London" journey between main line stations on the Circle Line the staff at Notting Hill Gate Station kindly let me out for a few mins so I could get some shots of the 390. I didn't ride one but plan to next time now I know the 148 also passes through Notting Hill Gate.

I really like the Borismasters, but in no way can I see them lasting 50 years like their predecessors. They have been well designed, seem more solid than other new buses, and I love the illuminated side adverts that become obvious after dark. But like everything else let's see what condition they are like in 3 or 4 years time, and only then will we be able to really judge.

LT59 LTZ 1059 at the temporary Liverpool St terminus while the bus station is closed
LT's 21 and 23 at the Pimlico terminus of the 24 on the Victoria Embankment
LT138 on the 148 at Elephant & Castle
LT90 approaching Trafalgar Square on the 9
LT107 at Notting Hill Gate terminus of the 390. Don't know what the one behind is.
Absolutely no idea of the vehicle but it does show the illuminated side ad rather well

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