Wednesday 12 February 2014

Ex First Leicester Deckers

As you will  know First Great Yarmouth are expecting some ex First Leicester ALX400 as well as a couple of Geminis - 32629/30. Well I can report that 32628/31/40-42 have been spotted in Basildon so does that mean the two Yarmouth bound are on their way? I know they are meant to replace the Volvo single deckers but it could mean a final death knell for the remaining Olympians. I am waiting to find out if the Geminis have been repainted and as soon as I know will update the post. I have just found out and they have NOT been repainted, so it seems First's new policy of repainting vehicles moving to a new area has not been followed.

Yarmouth bound 32630 working in Northampton in 2012. Pic by 66251

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  1. Ops manager in Yar/Low informs me he isn't aware that they are due any time soon, but they may tell him within days of their arrival :)