Friday 28 February 2014

First Ipswich News

Nothing like a good double take to wake you up on a wet and dismal morning. That is what happened to me today on my way to Ipswich on a rain splattered 32492. A bus passed the other way and I did a double take Rowan Atkinson would have been proud of. I saw nothing else but a partially white blind box. That could only mean one thing - Norwich had invaded Ipswich and even better hadn't been reported elsewhere! So I carefully worked out what time said invader was due back and lay in wait. And waited. And waited. Eventually I decided to find out directly and went to Ipswich depot, where I was told that yes, Norwich Volvo 66333 is indeed on loan to Ipswich after being at Braintree for a few weeks while 69005 is away being repaired from the damage suffered in Stowmarket. It was suggested that no mechanical faults were found on 69005. Anyway the reason I waited so long is it had broken down with brake trouble. Thanks, Norwich for sending one of your finest - and why a branded vehicle?

Ammendment: My ignorance has been exposed as it turns out the white branded Norwich vehicles ARE the spare ones as there is no White route. So why not just leave them unbranded? Answers on a postcard please.........

As luck would have it as I was leaving the depot 66333 returned so I got my pic after all.

In other news 32655/6 are to have guide arms fitted so they can be used on the 66. Apparently the powers that be want the new liveried deckers all on the 66. Reading between the lines I have a feeling Ipswich could be the place to be this summer so watch this space. Isn't it typical though - the depots on the coast are the subject of interest through winter then Ipswich in the Summer. Looks like the bermuda shorts stay in the drawer for another year.......

Norwich White Route Volvo  66333 MV02 VBY at Ipswich depot


  1. Hi Steve..

    66333 is a Volvo B7L,with a stack engine,so it looks like it has a toilet at the back,it is the forerunner of the B7RLE.she has been here for a few days now,and Ipswich are not impressed with how clean it was inside.

  2. They should know by now anything coming from Braintree isn't going to be in mint condition!

  3. 66333 isn't a Scania - it's a Wright bodied Volvo.

  4. Changed after Jim's comment, Sam

    1. I meant the caption on the last photo :)

  5. Ah!! Well I have just had eye surgery!! Cheers, buddy :) Roy said you were a good proof reader!