Thursday 13 February 2014

101 Decker Deluge

When I first started this blog it was pretty unusual to see a decker on the 101 Lowestoft town service. However over recent weeks it has become increasingly common. Today though there were no less than 4 deckers operating the 101, including one of Great Yarmouth's Gemini B9's. 30889/900, 37570 and Yarmouth's 37578  Perhaps someone in the know can tell me if the 101 is destined to become a decker route, or are so many Darts/E200's off the road it is a matter of necessity. Also back at Lowestoft is X1 Excel coach 20515 which was on the X2 today.

Great Yarmouth B9 Gemini 37578 AU58 EDJ on Lowestoft's 101
30889 W744 DWX also on the 101
30900 W774 DWX also on the 101
Sorry I didn't manage to get a shot of 37570 but trust me it was on the 101's too!

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