Tuesday 18 February 2014

Tuesday Teaser

Had a great day in London today en route to Kent. There will be a full report when I get home but here are a couple of pics I took today. One shows newly painted loco 90005 looking spendid at Liverpool St. The other is a bit of a quiz - which bus is this a pic of the cab? All will be revealed when I get home. See you soon.

90005 in new livery at Liverpool St
Quiz time - what vehicle is this and where did I take the pic? Answer hopefully Thursday.


  1. It is the Build Your Dreams Electric bus on the 507.

  2. Either EB1 or EB2, at the Waterloo bus garage :)

  3. It's either Go-Ahead EB1 LC63CYA or EB2 LC63CXY, no idea exactly where, but somewhere on route 507.