Tuesday 25 February 2014

Showbus 2014

Spring hasn't arrived and already I'm talking about this coming September. For a good reason though as Showbus is taking place at Duxford again on Sunday 21st September. I have been asked to inform you that Rob Collins is intending to run a coach for us enthusiasts to Duxford, picking up at Beccles, Lowestoft., Gorleston. Yarmouth and Norwich. The cost of this will be around £20 which I think is pretty good value. He has said he is hoping to hire the 30 seat executive coach from Grebe travel, but I think if we get enough interest 33423 would be a much better option!!!! Or a gas bus which really should be there anyway. It is to my shame I haven't been to Showbus since it was at Woburn and I went with the old M&D Atlantean 5558 and came back with Olympian coach 5447 (I think). Must have been 84/85ish. Syd probably has pics :))

Anyhow my opinons aside if you are interested please contact Rob at and he'll give you all the low down. I'll be in touch soon, Rob so save my place!!

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