Sunday 6 April 2014

We Must Listen

This evening I have read a very good post on another blog. So good I'm going to link to it. Cameron, who owns and runs Great Yarmouth Bus Page went to Norwich today and his review of the X1 E400 he travelled on is as balanced as you'll see. Cameron and Sam, who runs Norwich Buses blog, were my inspiration for starting this blog, as I suddenly realised had this technology been around 30 years ago when I was heavily involved in buses in the Medway Towns and the South East, I and my best friend would have had a blog of simply monumental size, and why shouldn't I give it a go now!

The reason both operators and enthusiasts alike should take the opinions of the likes of Cameron seriously is because their views and opinions are not blinkered by nostalgia. I go all misty eyed at the thought of Atlanteans, Bristols, Leyland Nationals etc, and others I know do the same for Regents, PD2's and RT's etc. We are always comparing to the past - I'm as guilty as anyone - and I clearly remember wanting to have Cameron sectioned when he told me the first time we met that his favourite bus was an SLF Dart. But I guess in 1978 had I told someone the age I am now my favourite bus was a Metropolitan Scania I'd have been greeted with the same snort.

So read his review and take it seriously. I was with Cameron on his first journey on an X1 E400, and at the time we both thought that we were sitting on something pretty good. You can read his post here.

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