Monday 28 April 2014

New Gas Bus Vinyls

Anglian 109 MAN Ecocity gas bus has been given a new set of vinyls. The rear window has been kept clear which should allow more light into the back of the bus, which will be a good thing. I saw her at Norwich earlier today and took these pics.

Anglian 109 AU62 DWC showing off her new vinyls
The rear window has been kept clear.  Incidentally the trident is 712, which was blissfully on the 88's today

It's ok the engine cover is still there!

Ooooookay thanks to Zak from NBP I have now realised this is extremely old news. I went through all my photos and these are the first I've ever taken of 109, so clearly the first time those vinyls have attracted my attention. Amazing how that can happen - I have more of 107 than I know what to do wiith! So new to me but not the bus!!! Cheers Zak.

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