Monday 28 April 2014

X2 Xtraordinary

I travelled on the X2 for the first time in ages today and had a supremely uneventful but satisfactory journey on 37568. That was this morning, though, and this afternoon proved how 20 mins can make or break a day for a passenger. I had just returned from Wymondham - more later - and got to the bus station in time to see Ex Jersey Dart 43868 loading up for the 1525 to Lowestoft. It was a squeeze believe me. Now wild horses wouldn't have got me on that thing so I would have waited for the next one and boy would I have been rewarded as the second Rowan Atkinson double take in 15 mins took place when 33423 rolled in also on the X2. Quite ironic that the X2 was one of the routes put up on the destination for me in Yarmouth that day. I'm not sure it would be possible to have such a contrast of vehicles on consecutive journeys!

Ex Jersey Dart 43868 EG52 FGX at Norwich loading up for Lowestoft
It was a lot fuller when it finally left - it was just doing a loop of the bus station to get on the right stop at this time
33423 on a new route for her appears in Norwich
And loading up for Lowestoft. Imagine being on the Dart and seeing that behind you!

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