Thursday 10 April 2014

Well I Never!

When I first suggested the new X1 Enviros were maybe not what you would expect on a flagship route I was met with disdain and opposition. Well I think the poll speaks for itself. Only 25% of voters think the E400's are doing a fine job. That is quite a condemnation for vehicles launched with such pomp and ceremony a few short months ago. Again today I travelled on a Konect E400 to Dereham and continued to Kings Lynn on the X1. My opinions haven't changed and it now seems more and more people are agreeing with me.

I now publicly challenge on anyone from First to contact me with the official views on these buses, if you think they will last the required 5 years, why nothing has been done to address initial concerns including the route vinyls on the upper deck windows, and how you intend to cope with hoards of kids trampling over the seats in the Summer when a 13yo teen has only this week said in disgust he can't see over the seats. I would be delighted to accompany you on a trip on the X1 so we could discuss the issues and gain passenger feedback. Are you up for it?

Just one more gripe I've recently noticed with them - First made a big thing about the luxurious leather seating. Trouble is on the lower deck there are only 10 such seats. Just 10. The rest are extremely hard and barely padded. This means that more elderly people are forced upstairs if they want to sit in relative comfort. It does make you wonder if those who finalised the layout have ever travelled by bus.

For those who might have missed the final results of the poll, of 40 votes cast 17 (42.5%) said the E400's are a disgrace and First were ripped off. 13 (32.5%) said they should be given a couple of years and then re-evaluated, and 10 (25%) said they were doing just fine.


  1. The proof is in the the pudding Steve the X1 in the last six months since the appearance of the Enviro 400's the number of passengers is up 16% on the previous six months.

  2. That's interesting, Clive and I'm not really surprised as there was huge interest when the E400's were launched. I will be prepared to eat humble pie if the next 6 months show the same growth compared to last year.