Friday 4 April 2014

On My Doorstep

It's not often that I can get some bus news just by looking out of my kitchen window but today I did! I overlook Whincops base in Peasenhall and this morning for the first time ever I saw a double decker in the yard. Obviously this warranted further investigation so I wandered round there  to see what was going on. After being advised emphatically by the main man himself that Whincops hadn't bought a decker - I mean REALLY emphatically - he invited me to go into the yard and talk to the driver of the decker that, it turned out, was there for a chasis clean.

The Plaxton President Trident now belongs to Venturer of Clopton. Recently acquired from Yourbus in Nottingham it was new to London General as PDL7  X607EGK. The extremely informative owner (no didn't get his name) also told me that it was replacing one of Venturer's ex Arriva Southend Olympians, and as from next school year the only Olympians left and running would be the two Olympian coaches they have. I didn't know they had Olympian coaches at all so there is a challenge there - he kindly told me where the long wheel base coach does its regular school run so after Easter I'll be out there!

I am doing some digging for Whincops with the help of  those with much bigger archives than myself and I have been promised a detailed fleetlist and history in due course. My thanks go to the owner of the Trident, and Whincops for firstly being pretty quiet neighbours and secondly for letting me make a nuisance of myself this morning.

Venturer's latest purchase ex London General and Yourbus Trident X607EGK on trade plates having its bottom cleaned at Whincops in Peasenhall

Here she is in Yourbus livery in 2008. Pic by Ben Fosker

Here on the 88 in Stockwell. Pic by John Uptnn

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