Tuesday 1 April 2014

I Got My RM Fix

I was down in Sussex today having more squeamish stuff done to my eye, but by good fortune found myself with 3 hours to kill in London on the way home. So after strolling through St James' Park playing with squirrels I saw one of the RM's still doing the short runs on the 15. Needless to say as I took a pic of the back it pulled away but never fear there was one more service and I got my fix.

I had a chat with the conductor who told me there are 10 RM's in service - 5 on the 15's and 5 on the 9's, although the 9's are going to cease in July. They all go out everyday, in heavy London traffic, which yet again calls into question if a coast road in Norfolk is harder going than Central London.

Anyway here is what I regard as my pic of the year so far - RM 2050 looking just - well - legendary!

Hmmm now which 15 do I choose!

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