Sunday 6 April 2014

The X Factor

I'd advise you to put your dark glasses on before going any further. For the last few years Ipswich Buses Optare Solo 245 has been getting extremely dizzy on the 38 Free Shuttle town service. If memory serves me right she even had a period running on biofuels or something but anyway she looked like this...

Ipswich Buses 245 YJ05 XKY on the free Shuttle. Pic by Colin Humphrey
However it has now had a paint job for a new route. It isn't the longest of routes - from Tower Ramparts to Dance East on Riverside, which if you walk it is about 500 yds. The route hasn't even got a number. It is simply called X which could be the route of many puns which I'll spare you. A round trip takes 9 mins, which if you know Ipswich traffic will tell you just how short the route is. It operates Saturdays only, and a couple of Sundays in May. As yet I don't know if the route is financed by the Council using public money or is privately funded. I will let you make your own mind up about the new livery. 245 will continue to operate the 38 Mon - Fri. Many thanks to Jim Long for the use of the pic.

I think it will be noticed. IB 245 liveried for the new Saturday route X.  Pic copyright to Jim Long

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