Monday 28 April 2014

Konect 512, A Review

Fourth post of the day! I was waiting in Norwich Bus Station wondering what to do next when I saw a Konect Gemini come in. I had already seen a couple on the 601 and 6A but was hoping to see the new arrival from my old stamping ground - Bexleyheath - out on the road. And so it was. Newly converted to one door Volvo B7 LB02 YXA appeared on the 1415 6 to Watton. I decided to catch her as far as Wymondham bearing in mind I was getting on a 12yo vehicle.

First impressions were great. A decent paint job, it smelt new inside thanks to the refurbishment and for a 12yo bus had you blindfolded me I would have guessed from the general rattles that she was no more than 5 years old. A good top speed, and I only have one little quibble. There were little rattles from the destination display box, and from a couple of handrails that would have been easy to tighten up. That would have made it perfect. My conclusion was going to be good but not quite Carling, but after travelling back to Norwich on a President I changed my mind. I love 512, can't wait for the rest to come, prefer them to the E400's and well done Konect for making sure a good job was done. Lord only knows what state it was in after 12 years at Bexleyheath!

Konect 512 Volvo B7 LB02 YXA at Norwich Bus Station
And again with rear not cut off!

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