Wednesday 23 April 2014

All Change On Anglia

Anglia's timetable changes have also seen some changes in vehicle allocation. I was in Halesworth this morning undecided whether to go to Lowestoft or Norwich. The decision was made for me when Scania Omnilink 451 YN07 EZB came round the corner on the 88 to Norwich. I have a lot of time and respect for Anglian and have very little to moan about, as will be shown later, but I simply refuse to sit on those seats for 75 mins. So I decided to wait for the usual gas bus to Lowestoft. Except it wasn't. Round the corner on the 62 came Scania Omnidekka 550 AO57 EZM. Very surprising and apparently now a regular thing owing to the school journey the vehicle operates previously. Seats just as hard but somehow more bearable with a decent view upstairs! I got some pics of it showing 62 in Halesworth but the sun wasn't very helpful in getting a decent one so here is one I took in Lowestoft after I got off.

Anglian 550 AO57 EZM on the 61 today at Lowestoft
En route we passed Optare Excel 216 on the 88A from Southwold which becomes the 88 to Norwich - the first time I have seen it on that route, and also surprising as I have never seen anything but a decker on that diagram. I dread to think how packed the 1600 out of Norwich was this afternoon unless the other decker on the 61 - Scania 553 was swapped with 216 at Norwich as it was due to arrive at the same time.

I did get to Norwich eventually - couldn't resist a trip on 60807 which appeared on the X1 shorts on a diagram which was normally operated by one of the Paragon coaches. Is there a reason this diagram is single decker operated? Anyway it was pretty enjoyable and the old girl sailed along at quite a good pace.

60807 at Market Gates loading up for Norwich
Now a plea to Suffolk County Council and the Highways Agency - GET LOWESTOFT SORTED NOW!!!  Apparently the sequence of the lights controlling the roadworks by the station has been altered. As a result my bus back to Halesworth from Lowestoft was 45 mins late leaving Lowestoft. When I have a Suffolk Links minibus booked to connect with my arrival at Halesworth that is simply not good enough. This was not Anglian's fault in anyway. In fact when I rang them to ask if they knew where the bus was they couldn't have been more helpful. Luckily the minibus driver was able to wait the 45 mins for me so I was saved the £15 taxi fare I would have otherwise incurred.

I was informed that Anglian had contacted the Council to see if the lights could be sorted out to be told it was down to the highways Agency. The Highways Agency in returned blamed the Council saying it was down to them. Gentlemen and ladies the travelling public couldn't give a flying fig whose responsiblity it is - just can someone PLEASE get those lights sorted so 45 min delays to buses can be avoided.

Would it be possible for the bus stop outside Lowestoft Police Station to be suspended during the afternoon peak until the roadworks are completed so buses can go the back route to the bus station and turn there - even load on the opposite side of the road Kessingland bound? I don't know how busy that stop is, but I don't recall ever stopping there to pick up.

Anyway I'm really grateful to the Suffolk Links driver for waiting for me, and thanks to Anglian too for their reassurance and subsequent Twitter updates - I know you guys were as frustrated as I was.

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