Monday 28 April 2014

Catch The Bus Week

It is Catch the Bus Week, good people, and by sheer chance I stumbled upon a happening outside Norwich Library today. Norfolk Council's Dennis Trident was all dressed up for the occasion and many suited people were floating around. Until I arrived. I mentioned to a couple of the girls doing publicity who I was and within 3 minutes all the suits had vanished and I didn't get the chance to ask any of them how people no longer with a bus service were going to "Catch the Bus", let alone get home if they want a drink after work. Anyone would think they didn't want to talk to me!! Oh well at least I got my "Stress Bus". I joke not. Apparently catching the bus is so stressful you need a stress ball shaped as a minibus to help you. Maybe that's not the message they want to convey. I don't know as there was no one left to ask.

Anyway the bus is going to be at Yarmouth Asda tomorrow (Tuesday), Cromer Wednesday, Swaffham, Watton and somewhere else on Thursday, Dereham on Friday and Norwich again on Saturday, so go and see it if you can. Also this week you can get 20% of First weekly tickets to give new passengers a cheap taster, which is great if you only hear about it on Saturday!!!

Norfolk Council's Dennis Trident with East Lancs Coachworks body W942 SNR doing publicity work outside Norwich Library
And the rear view, complete with drip tray for an oil leak!! Does look good though.

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