Wednesday 9 April 2014

Out And About In Ipswich

I had an engagement in Ipswich today which gave me the opportunity to do some catching up. I travelled both ways from Framlingham using the Galloway operated 118/9 service which passes through some really spectacular countryside. Spectacular isn't the word to describe the vehicles on that route though - either Solos or in todays case a 52 reg mercedes 814 Beaver. Mind you anything is better than an E200 so let's be grateful for small mercies!

I was hoping to get pics of the three recently painted Ipswich Buses Omnidekkas and luck was on my side as all three were out and I saw them all within 15 mins. There was also an oddity with an Omnicity operating the X5 to Ipswich Hospital. Nothing else really to report - I think this may well be the calm before the storm of activity at Ipswich this year.

My apologies for the quality of some of the pics - the sunshine was very welcome but it was extremely bright and made photography very difficult today.

The last to be re-painted but the first numerically Ipswich Buses 60, Scania Omnidekka PJ54 YZT in standard colours
IB 61 Scania Omnidekka PJ54 YZU in hybrid colours in sunlight so strong it was affecting my camera
IB62 Scania Omnidekka PJ54 YZV also in hybrid colours at Tower Ramparts
IB 75 Scania Omnicity YN56 NYG on the X5 - a real rarity.
Norwcih Volvo B7L 66333 is still on loan to Ipswich, here seen at Tower Ramparts on the 55's
And finally, and I have to admit it deosn't look as bad in real life as it did in that first pic I published....

IB Solo 245 on its regular Town Shuttle in its pink and black livery.


  1. Do you prefer FET or GEC? It is a shame that they no longer continue up to Stradbroke and down to Brundish. I've had no buses to my village since they closed that section back in Summer 2011. I just heard they go up for tender this summer along with the 482 (which I'm hoping Simonds will get).

  2. Haha I never suffered the joys of FET as I only moved up here from Wickham Market last year. The 118/9 only get me to Fram then it's onto Suffolk Links for the rest. If I'm honest I just don't like little buses. I know some routes have to be but I'd love to know how and by what the country areas were served in the 1970's before minibuses were thought of as suitable for bus services.

  3. Im a regular on the 118/9 and i agree the standard of bus aint great. 2 of the solos are ex far east travel, with the newer one (mx08) having no guts in it at all.We do occasionally have an aged dart (any one of two) on here if vehicles are in short supply.i believe the 118/9 are up for tender along with the 115/6 (Debenham) routes in aug/sept.

  4. and GJ52 is the regular bus on here with normally YJ55 solo paired with it.