Thursday 26 June 2014

Thursday's Trip

A quick yomp to Yarmouth today to pick up some shirts for my Edinburgh trip next week. To be honest I didn't spend much time at Market Gates but took a long stroll down the seafront as far as the Pleasure Beach, and I have a question. Why are there no buses running along the seafront to the Pleasure Beach? I had to ask directions to get to a stop on Barrack Estate to get back into town. Surely in the Summer months a link from the holiday parks to the Pleasure Beach is called for? An extension to the 3 maybe?

Anyway by time I got back to Market Gates I had about half hour before I had to start making my way home and, once he'd finally realised I was there, Cameron from Yarmouth Bus Page informed me that not only was the freshly returned from Ipswich 32061 due on the 8's but also that ex Leicester Gemini 32629 was due on the 1A to Lowestoft, which happily was the direction I was heading in, so I got not only a pic but a ride to JPH before transferring to the 61.

So as SB&TP prides itself in not just showing pics but giving reviews of the vehicles from a passenger's point of view here goes. 32629 is almost 10 years old. She doesn't feel it. Comfy seats, smooth ride, few rattles and quiet. Well almost quiet. that dratted fan was on almost constantly so 30888 may have gone (last heard over the pits at Ipswich having work carried out on the engine) but it has a replacement to tickle the ear drums of the good people of Yarmouth! However apart from that I was highly impressed with the Gemini, certainly a country mile better than the ALX400's, a different galaxy to the Presidents and again proof that Wright are amongst the best body builders going.

Having said all that I then got on Anglian 101, my first gas bus for a couple of weeks, and it was like snuggling under my favourite duvet again after a couple of weeks away. First time on 101 for a long time and it is in great condition. Rather an insult to be called a bus when it is so, so superior to any of its competitors.

32061 back on home turf leaving a busy Market Gates en route to JPH
First Yarmouth 32629 Volvo B7tl Gemini KP54 KAX loads up in Yarmouth


  1. Never going to happen, but I think the Seafront would be ideal for a tram line.

  2. Oh clap clap clap!! What a stonking idea! Get those trolley uses out of EATM and onto Yarmouth Seafront! If I had the money I'd do it myself!!!

  3. "once he'd finally realised I was there" lol, poor Cameron, he must have been having a moment.

    As for the 3, it used to run down to the Pleasure Beach in years gone by. Since all the works and that carried out on Marine Parade though it stopped because, if memory serves me, the timetable fell apart pretty much every day. The road train runs all the way down to the Pleasure Beach now, in it's dedicated lane.

  4. The road train doesn't connect with the hoiliday parks like the 3 does though. Surely it's worth another look. If not can something be done with the 2 or 4 to take in that end of the seafront? Does anyone know of a pleasure beach in the country that doesn't have a bus service? Still like the trams idea though!

  5. I had the same problem! Another moan with the 3 is that it is marketed to depart contrary to train times, I don't think it was thought through properly. Surely First would rather encourage passengers onto the X1 and connect with the arrivals at Market Gates!

  6. Well except that either way you have to change at Norwich, or at least will do, and the majority of rail passengers are coming up from London. Their fares to Yarmouth would be no different than to Norwich, and when going on holiday you get the train to the station closest to your destination. Also since the X1 doesn't pass Norwich Station it is more likely for passengers to get on the bus at Yarmouth. Now of course if my idea for a Yarmouth/Caister/Hemsby - Norwich service was ever given consideration getting people on at Norwich Station might just be a possibility.