Friday 27 June 2014

Ipswich Fleet News

Ipswich Bus Blog report some more fleet movements to and from Ipswich, which is a hive of activity these days. However it is not good news for Norwich travellers, as the only comfortable single deckers you have are going to Ipswich. Volvo B7rle's 66950/57/59 WX55 TZM/U/W and 69006/11 AU05 DMF/Z are expected in Ipswich in the near future. As yet there is no indication of anything going the other way or new vehicles going to Norwich to replace the Volvos. Also both ex Transdev B7rles 69532/3 will be going to Colchester in return for two as yet unknown B7rle's. Since the Transdev rle's were recently refurbished it was considered unnecessary to refurbish them again. Maybe ex Ipswich P&R 69421/30 will rejoin their sisters but I would think Colchester would be loath to let them go. The 4th E200 44516 has apparently re-entered service in Clacton so it is unclear when that will come over to Ipswich

UPDATE:  66950 has already arrived in Ipswich, and David Warren was in the right place at the right time to catch her on camera this morning. Thanks, David for permission to use the pic, David's photostream on Flickr canb be found here

Ex First Norwich, now Ipswich 66950 WX55 TZM on the 65 this morning, Pic by David Warren

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  1. This is a comment by David Warren that didn't show up for some reason.

    Hi Steve, photo of 66950 in Ipswich this morning now online at

    David then gave me permission to use his pic, which will be added to the post. Thanks, David,