Saturday 21 June 2014

Yarmouth News

Cameron Robinson over at Yarmouth Bus Page has been the sharp eyed eagle today. He spotted Lowestoft's ex Yarmouth Gemini 37562 back on Yarmouth workings today. Quite what it is doing back at Yarmouth is anyone's guess but obviously wasn't on the 99's today! Update: East Norfolk Bus Blog report 37562 is back at Yarmouth prior to a surprise transfer to Norwich. In its place 37572 has transfered to Lowestoft on a permanent basis.

37562 back on familiar ground operating the 1A at Caister Rd.  Pic by Cameron Robinson
Another scoop by Cameron was the first report and pic of a new arrival at Yarmouth.of ex First Leicester Volvo B7 Gemini 32629  KP54 KAX. Cameron has kindly given me permission to use his pics and I urge you all to check out his posts and reports by clicking here.

Rear of B7 Gemini 32629 undergoing checks at Yarmouth Depot. Pic by Cameron Robinson


  1. Steve i have the feeling that with 32629/30 coming to Yarmouth that may release 30888 to Ipswich and possibly 32061 as well as Ipswich did all the hard work on her!

  2. Nope. When 32629 enters service 37562 will go to Norwich. 60808/13/14 62166 are all due for withdrawal, and they are so short another Olympian has been resurrected and will make its return this week. If Ipswich need a decker they might have to find it from elsewhere. The schools break up in a month - Suffolk Norse and Borderbus will have vehicles standing idle!!! not that Ipswich will need the deckers then so perhaps they'll muddle through the next 4 weeks and sort something out for September. Always the RM's.

  3. Agreed Steve. Yarmouth is short of deckers as it is, that's why the Renowns are still running around despite the original plan being for them to be withdrawn when the Leicester deckers arrived.

    I'm sure that won't stop them sending a decker to Ipswich, if the regular loans to Lowestoft are anything to go by, but... meh... I don't know. It honestly makes me wonder if they'll have enough deckers (excluding RMs) to cover the upcoming X1 changes, and the 3 is due to double up soon too.

    The somewhat odd allocations don't really help matters either - 32063/37576 on the 2 (both occurred within the last week or so, when my phone battery was unhelpfully flat - both times)? When deckers are literally too big for part of the route? While (single deck) Renowns regularly pop up on the (usually, from necessity, decker operated) 8? I don't know, maybe it's just me, maybe I'm missing something.

  4. My friend I'm really not sure it's you who's missing something! What I can confirm is 32061 isstill at Ipswich. I also think they may run into trouble with the X1. The E400's coming over and the 4 usually on the shorts should be just about enough unless there are long delays caused by the roadworks at Postwick. Oh hang on isn't that why the route is being split in two anyway...........

  5. So glad I'm not the only one thinking that my friend. I don't want to be negative so much, but they do make it so easy sometimes.

    As for the X1s, it depends how much time they add on. Currently, according to my well used timetable, it takes the 'limited stop' X1 90 minutes to get from Lowestoft to Norwich via Yarmouth. As of these changes, the X1's eastern half will, apparently, be a stopping service throughout. That's all before the 72 week Postwick roadworks get brought into the equation...

  6. With a 4 hour trip that equates to 12 vehicles. They are getting 8 E400's from Kings Lynn - i think it's 8 anyway. Add the 4 normally on the shorts and that's your 12 vehicles. However that leaves nothing for contingency plans so if the Postwick works really do cause delays then it will prove challenging. As yet I haven't heard if Anglian have any plans so roadworks at Postwick don't inpact on residents of Kessingland and Southwold, so we will see what happens.