Thursday 12 June 2014

Yes, Yes And Yes Again!

I said yesterday there would only be one reason for a post today and it happened. I got a ride on an Atlantean. Ipswich Buses had the open topper out in normal service again and without doubt it was the best 40 mins I've spent on a bus in many a year. Oh my word that engine roaring up Grove Lane took me back 35 years and it could have been Chatham Hill in 1979 again. Unbelievable. Also rather poignant on a day when a P reg Olympian 34155 was collected from Lowestoft for scrapping, that an original P reg vehicle could be giving such pleasure.

Whoever at Ipswich Buses had the brilliant idea to put that bus out in normal service I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Not just me but the smiles and comments from other passengers were a joy to see. Something certain Routemaster owners might like to take note of maybe - if not regularly then once or twice a week on a good day get them out to do a Lowestoft and back or something and watch the goodwill and tolerance levels shoot up.

Ipswich Buses 9 Leyland Atlantean MRT 9P stands in its magnificence at Tower Ramparts
Also in Ipswich one of the Scania Olympus's was unusually on the 5/11 too, although by early afternoon it was back on its usual 9/10 route.

IB 69 Scania Olympus YJ60 KGX unusually on the 5
First have been having problems with 65673. Today was the third day on the trot it had broken down - today at Tower Ramparts bus station which gave a decent photo opportunity as the 53's were having to take layover time parked down the side of the Robert Ransome pub, which proved to be quite a good backdrop.

First Ipswich 69424 AU58 FFL sits outside the Robert Ransome pub waiting to get on the stand at Tower Ramparts
Finally - and I mean finally for a bit on loan Yarmouth ALX400 32061 was on town routes, which is unsual in itself. OK that's it - footy time!!

First Yarmouth loanee 32061 on Ipswich town route 55 to Bixley


  1. hi If it were a choice between an atlantean ride or a football match which would win , I actually watched last nights match and enjoyed it ,but I would prefer an opentop tour of Suffolk!

  2. How about an Atlantean to and from the Football? I remember that when Gillingham used Madistone and District for their football buses to and from the ground - quite often they would be Invictaway Atlanteans! An open top tour of Suffolk in today's weather would go down nicely - stopping at a pub to watch the footy obviously!!